What is APOCalypse 2500™

APOCalypse 2500™ is a tabletop role-playing game, set in a post-apocalyptic future world of sci-fi technology and ancient magic. 400 years after the vortex humanities great nations are gone, the planet has changed, and ancient magic and magical creatures have returned to a modern high tech earth. In 22nd century scientists blunder : The Vortex forms : Magical species appear : Accelerated continental drift happens : Neo-Pangaea forms : War happens : Nations fail, feudalism arises : Time passes : It is now the year 2500 and your adventure begins...


This game is designed for 2 or more persons and requires dice.

PDF or Print Books

The choice is up to you. On your phone, tablet, or laptop or printed books delivered to your mailbox.

Both formats are available from the "Books" link.

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